Freerider Wheelchair Bike

The Freerider wheelchair trike enables a wheelchair user to experience the freedom of cycling along with an able bodied rider. A fundamental part of The Cargo Bike Company’s philosophy is providing affordable cycles for all abilities.

Product Description

With its stable three wheel layout, the Freerider is an ideal cycle to enjoy leisurely rides through the country or as a nippy way of getting around town without needing mobility taxi’s or tiresome wheelchair pushes.

The wheelchair user is positioned lower than the rider to provide good visibility and the open layout allows both people to communicate as they ride along. The seat and feet rests suit a range of passenger heights and sizes, ranging from 3 to 103yrs old, with up to 200kg combined weight of rider & passenger carried at one time. The comfortable washable seat cushions are combined with padded arm rests and a lap seat belt. A harness seat belt can be provided to assist keeping the passenger upright when riding. The standard model is fitted with powerful vee brakes on the front and rear wheels which provide great stopping power. For additional braking performance, especially in rainy conditions, disc brakes can be fitted on the front wheels.

Each Freerider wheelchair bike is built ‘to order’ so it is relatively simple to modify the trike to suit your personal needs. With options like X brace seat harnesses, foot straps, side head supports, adjustable height arms rests, horizontal leg supports etc.

If you require a customised Freerider please contact me to discuss your particular requirements.


  • 20” front wheels
  • 26” rear wheel
  • Front vee brakes
  • Rear vee brakes
  • 18 gears Shimano gears
  • Twist grip or thumb gear shifters
  • ~200cm overall length
  • ~80cm overall width
  • 110cm overall height
  • Carbon steel frame with marine specification powdercoat finish
  • Weight ~ 43kg

Configure your Bike

Front brakes



Frame Lock

The Axa framelock is bolted to the frame and the hardened steel locking bolt can be locked in position between the rear wheel spokes. For additional protection a chain can be passed through this bolt to an immoveable object to fully secure the trike. The frame lock also acts as a parking brake.

Frame colour


Available to order