What makes The Cargo Bike Company different from other Cargo Bike manufacturers?

All the bikes are made-to-order and can therefore be customised to your particular requirements. For example, there are not many bike manufacturers who can supply one of their trikes 3cm narrower so that it can fit through a tight doorway or alter their design to add an umbrella holder or a loop to clip a dog lead to, or paint it any colour, or build a frame to carry a specific cargo or longer to carry a ladder, etc;     you get the idea…..  

Why are your bikes cheaper than those originating from Europe?

One of the main values that I run the business by is providing cargo bikes to the masses rather than just “Yummy Mummys” living in Chelsea who want to be seen cycling their children to private school when its sunny.   My bikes such as the “School Run” and "Little People Carrier" can be easily purchased by families who wish to use their cargo bike instead of a second car. I started the business more for the love of engineering, bikes and work/life balance rather than just for profit. I'm not here to make vast profits by having high prices. The bike are priced to cover the raw materials, components, overheads, reinvestment and my time. The approach might go 'against the grain' compared with some business models but it works well for me. Organic growth from day 1 has meant I do not have any business loans, repayments or similar costs which have to be added to a bikes retail price. Equally these bikes sell themselves so I don't need expensive marketing campaigns Making the bikes in Derby means I don't incur shipping charges, import duty, fluctuating exchange rates and taxes that are applied to bikes imported to the UK from other countries. All of the above add to the great value that I can offer these bikes at.   If you look carefully at my bikes you will see that I use standard bicycle components. Many cargo bikes use drum brakes, internal geared hubs and stub axles (ie wheels attached on one side only like a car wheel is) these components have a much higher cost and some can only be maintained by a specialist bicycle shop. I prefer to use components that customers are familiar with and are easy to maintain by the owner or any bicycle shop, with additional benefit that it makes the bikes cheaper to buy.

Do you provide servicing for your bikes?

I can provide servicing and maintenance for your Cargo Bike Company bicycle from my workshop in Derbyshire. However I appreciate it may be expensive to transport your bike to me therefore I ensure that all of the consumable parts used to build your bike are standard bicycle components that your local bike shop will be able to service. Please contact me if you would like a annual maintenance inspection for your fleet of business cargo trikes so I can ensure that they are in great condition each year.

Can I order just the frame on its own?

Yes, although there are some parts which I might need to supply you with, ie trike pivot bearings, heavy duty trike wheels, long brake/gear cables, dual pull brake levers etc. Usually the cost of the "frame only" is £150 less than the cost of the fully built bike/trike.

Can I carry my dog in a cargo bike?

Yes, although I recommend you use a cargo trike as they are more stable. It is also recommended that you use a dog harness and request that cargo loops are fitted which you can attached the harness to when riding with your dog. The Tamar cargo trike can be fitted with a 'Dog pack' option which included cargo loops, front ramp and exterior hooks for clipping a dog lead to. Email me for details.

I would like a cargo trike branded with my company corporate colours and logo, is this possible?

Yes, I use a local graphic designer who works with us to produce graphics that can be applied to your bicycle. Your graphics are printed on to weatherproof, non-fade, UV resistant vinyl. For extra abrasion resistance the graphics are then laminated folowing this the graphics are applied to the cargo box. Logos and graphics can be applied to the bike frame, cargo box sides or complete box wraps are available.

Can I test ride a bike before I decide to place an order?

Yes, if I have a similar bike available to ride.  All the bikes are made-to-order so I do not usually have a stock of completed bikes that are waiting to be purchased. Please contact me via email to let me know which bike you would like to test ride. I'll check when the next build of that particular model is due for completion and let you know if a test ride can be arranged. All test rides will be in South Derbyshire, unless you want a “Bring it to me” test ride, for which a cost is payable.

I don’t live in the UK can I still order a bike?

Yes, but please contact me via email to get a quote for delivery. As the bikes and trikes are large, the delivery cost can be quite high when shipping overseas.

Are cargo bikes difficult to ride?

If you are a proficient bike rider it shouldn’t take you long to get the hang of riding a cargo bike. With their longer wheelbase and extra weight they do take getting used to and are not quite as nimble as an ordinary bike. Trikes are easier to ride as they remain upright when stationary. Please note: Cargo stays still when being carried. Children however, tend to wiggle around which affects the balance of the bike. If your children are habitual wigglers you may wish to consider selecting the optional seatbelt harnesses which will restrict their wigglyness. (If wigglyness isn’t a real word, it should be!)