Ice cream cart


This cute ice cream cart is fitted with the larger battery powered chiller and will operate via the battery for 8-14 hours away from an electricity supply.
The chiller can be operated as a freezer or fridge via a switch on the control panel. Some of my previous customers, such as wedding caterers have used these chillers to serve ice cream during the day then apply magnetic signs to the sides, changing the branding to cold drinks, and switching to fridge mode to serve champagne or cocktails.

The cart comes with “traditional Ice Cream” graphics, mudguards, leather effect handgrips, battery charger and a cream parasol.

If required, I can build custom racks to hold Napoli pans or 1/4 gastronome pans – These racks are +£65.

The cart and chiller is new and has never been used.

External dimensions 120cm long x 90cm wide.
Chiller max internal dimensions: 85cm long x 45cm wide x 65cm deep. Chilled volume = 226 litres


Delivery within UK mainland £100

This cart is ready to be dispatched or collected from Derby.

My current lead time on new tricycle/cart orders is 13 weeks due to the amount of orders, so this is a great way to avoid the wait.