Axe-S Wheelchair Transporter


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The Axe-S Wheelchair Transporter bike was designed to allow people who would struggle to easily transition between their wheelchair and the Freerider trike, or for those who require custom wheelchairs for their needs.

With its low platform height of 20cm it is easy to load various sizes of wheelchairs. The ramp is securely held in place with two side catches which, when undone, allows the ramp to hinge down for loading. The ramp provides sufficient gradient for arm-powered wheelchair users to board themselves and when in the upright position, the ramp does not obscure the view for the rider or passenger.

Two stabiliser legs keep the platform stable when loading and prevent the trike from tipping as the weight of the wheelchair transfers on to the platform. Four tie down points are fitted to the corners of the platform to securely anchor the wheelchair to the trike using the four cam straps provided.

With the weight of the wheelchair and passenger centred over the main pivot, the trike’s steering is surprising light. Whilst most suitable to roads, cycle paths and other firm surfaces, the platform of the Axe-S can be made with greater clearance to provide better off-road ability on steeper slopes.

Using the proven engineering design of the Tamar cargo trike pivot, it has been possible to keep the development cost of the AxeS wheelchair transporter trike low which transfers to the low cost of its purchase price. The central pivot in the platform is positioned to allow a wide range of wheelchairs to be carried however some wheelchairs with a low frame height or battery powered chairs may not be able to fit. If in doubt, please contact me before purchasing the Axe-S to check that your wheelchair can be carried.


As a disability product, this trike is exempt from VAT if used by a disabled person. Please contact me for a “VAT exemption” form.
If you are not disabled, VAT is added to the price at the rate of 20%

20” front wheels

26” rear wheel

Front vee brakes

Rear vee brakes

18 gears Shimano gears

Twist grip gear shifters

120kg maximum platform load

700x1000mm Wheelchair platform

20cm platform level above ground

237cm overall length

98cm overall width

110cm overall height

Carbon steel frame with marine specification powdercoat finish