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The overheads of purchasing, modifying and operating a food delivery van are very high especially when operating in a busy city. Lunchtime meal deliveries are hampered by parking space availability and cost plus the traffic congestion can hinder a delivery schedule especially within the 1-2 hour lunch time window.

These thermal food delivery trikes were designed in response to a number of requests from cafe’s and caterers who needed a quick method of transporting 50+ meals through busy streets. Featuring 50mm insulation in the base and sides of the box, the food retains its warmth (or chill).
Adjustable height shelves can be fitted into the box with dividers to prevent meal boxes sliding around as you zip past grid locked traffic.

The top opening lid allows easy access to the contents, while its lock prevents opportunist thefts from taking place while you are away from the trike.

Full vinyl wrap branding can be provided in a tough weather proof grade which is post-print laminated for extra abrasion resistance.


  • 20” front wheels
  • 26” rear wheel
  • Front vee brakes
  • Rear vee brakes
  • 18 Shimano gears (modern style) or 7 gears (traditional style)
  • Twist grip gear shifters
  • Standard open top cargo box 800mm long x 600mm wide x 600mm high (31.5” x 23.5” x 23.5”)
  • 205cm overall length
  • 83cm overall width
  • 110cm overall height
  • Carbon steel frame with marine specification powdercoat finish
  • Capacity: 100kg Standard version
  • Weight ~ 45kg (depending on spec)