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These ice cream tricycles are fully custom made to each individual customer’s requirements. We can make your tricycle as unique as you require making your business stand out from the crowd as much as possible. The bespoke tricycles can display your own livery and logos incorporating matching product prices advertising boards and branded parasols. Alternatively we can supply freezer graphics based on the classic 1940’s and 50’s “Stop Me and Buy One!” tricycles; even in a crowd these trikes are a real eye-catcher due to their parasols. Vintage is back in fashion so its time to make some serious income with these heritage trikes.

Two types of freezer can be fitted on your trike;
240v freezer – Two lockable sliding glass lids. The freezer needs to be plugged in to the mains when vending, although it can keep the contents chilled for short periods, ie during transportation to a wedding venue, etc. Capacity 190 litres

12volt battery freezer- Two lockable solid lids. This ultimate option keeps powered up throughout the day. The freezer is plugged in to mains power overnight which both chills the freezer and charges the 12v battery. During the day the freezer runs off the battery to give you up to 12 hours of selling, ideal for summer mornings and relaxed late nights. Capacity 136 litres

Alternatively, if you already have a suitable freezer, just send us the dimensions of your freezer and we can fabricate an ice cream tricycle to carry it.

We also make racks to hold stainless steel 1/4 GN pans or Napoli pans for all of the above freezer units.

Exterior grade weather-proof vinyl graphics can be applied to the freezer. The “Traditional Ice Cream” and “Stop me and buy one” designs can be provided in any text colour and background colour to suit your business image. Custom designs can also be provided. These graphics are laminated after printing for extra abrasion resistance.


To maximise your turnover throughout the year, the front of the ice cream trike is modular which enables the freezer to be removed and replaced with other vending units. These units are custom made to your requirements depending on what you wish to sell.  Units can be supplied for selling tea & coffee, soup & crusty rolls, mulled wine & mince pies or a foldout market stall table. If you have the idea we can usually make it happen !


Heavy Duty Frame

26 inch Rear Wheel

20 inch Front Wheels

Rear vee Brake

Twin Front Vee Brakes

Low ratio single gear

Chain Cover

Alloy Rims

Comfortable Sprung Saddle and handlebars grips

Rear pannier rack

Carbon steel frame with marine specification powdercoat finish

200cm Long x 90cm Wide x 115cm Tall
(Note: Each ice cream trike is custom made to suit a particular freezer so the length and width may vary depending on which freezer you want to have fitted)


Frequently Asked Questions about Ice Cream Tricycles

Where can I trade?
The beauty of these ice cream bike is that they can access many places that the traditional ice cream van can not reach, such as: Beaches, Parks, Shopping Centres, Cafés, Restaurants, Fetes, Car Boot Sales, Markets, Fairs, Schools, Garden Centres, Carnivals, Steam Rally, Concerts, Town Centres, Weddings, Pub Gardens, Birthdays, Airports, Train Stations, Private Hire or Any Indoor or Outdoor Event….
Setting up in business as an ice cream seller is a low risk venture as the demand for second hand ice cream tricycles is very high so you can always resell your ice cream bike 2nd hand if your circumstances change.

Do I need a licence to trade?
You do not need a license or council permission if you intend to trade on private property such as markets, car boot sales, forecourts, fetes, fairs, wedding venues etc. Although you may require permission from the land owner. You only require a licence if you intend to trade on council land or council property. A hawkers or street trading licence are very inexpensive and can be issued by your local council or police department. These licenses are also known as pedlars licence and typically cost £12.50 for a year’s trading.

Do I need hand-washing facilities when selling Ice Cream?
Officially you do not need hand-washing facilities when selling pre-packed Ice Cream or Lollies as you will not be touching the food that will be consumed by your customers. However, if you intend to sell soft scoop Ice Cream in cones, you would benefit from our Thermal Hand Wash System. This fantastic unit is entirely self-contained with a very neat fold down sink, fits securely to the bike rack and will keep water warm for up to 6 hours depending on the temperature of the preheated hot water. Its unique design retains all the dirty water, which can be emptied when the hot water is replenished.