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The Ice e Cart has been developed to fill the gap between ice cream tricycles and ice cream vans.
These nippy carts can easily maneuver to hard to reach areas such a promenades, forests and country parks.

The controls are very intuitive with a forwards/reverse lever and steering bar. Optional headlights and horn can be fitted.

A eutectic freezer is fitted as standard: The eutectic plates in this freezer act like high performance freezer packs. The ice cream stock is loaded into the freezer and is frozen down over night with the integral eutectic plates. In the morning the freezer is unplugged from the 240v mains and the eutectic plates keeps the ice cream frozen for up to 6 hours. Capacity 121 litres

A battery freezer can be fitted which extended the freezer run time to 12 hours.

Standard version: walk behind 4mph (6kph)
Ride-on version: fitted with rear dolly platform 8mph (13kph)

10 mile (16km) standard range
20 mile (32km) extended range option

As each Ice e Cart is custom built to order, the wheeled platform can be fitted with many other vending units such as BBQ’s, retail, sampling, promotional units or just as a load carrying vehicle for porters.


In England the standard version is legally classed as a ‘pedestrian controlled vehicle’ and does not require registration or licensing. The ride-on version can be used on private land. it can not be used on roads.
Please check the requirements for your own country.