Little People Carrier


Available to order

  • Mudguards



    2nd bench seat and harness

    Under seat lockers


    Childs bike rack

    Frame colour


The Little People Carrier is a great concept not only for ferrying children and shopping around, but it demonstrates to your children a real, simple and practical way of having fun, saving money and being ‘green’.  With its streamlined raincover your children are kept dry in all weather and the lap belts or harness’ keep them safe when riding. The raincover and poles disassemble quickly to be stored in the cargo box.


The streamlined rain tent is supported by two flexi poles which keep the rain tent material in tension to prevent the material from flapping when riding. The rain tent is fully collapsible and can be stored inside the cargo box when not required. This style of rain tent also provides superior visibility for the rider of the road in front of the trike plus its shape makes it easier to pedal into a headwind.

Even with a 6 monthly service by your local bike shop, the running costs of a Little People Carrier is a tiny fraction of running a car and its a lot more fun!

There is a large range of options that can be selected to be fitted to your Little People Carrier, the ones below are the most popular but if there is something that you want on your trike that is not listed then please just contact me.  As each trike is built to order it is very easy to customise the size, shape and layout of the trike, cargo box and rain tent. I can replace the plain square cargo box with a custom-made car body, boat or a rocket shape. If you have the idea I can usually make it happen.

  • 20” front wheels
  • 26” rear wheel
  • Front vee brakes
  • Rear vee brakes
  • 18 gears Shimano gears
  • Twist grip gear shifters
  • Standard open top cargo box 800mm long x 600mm wide x 450mm high (31.5” x 23.5” x 17.5”)
  • Fitted with one bench seat for carrying two children
  • 205cm overall length
  • 83cm overall width
  • 110cm overall height
  • Carbon steel frame with marine specification powdercoat finish
  • Carrying capacity 100kg
  • Weight ~ 40kg