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Mobile video marketing is growing method of conveying your message to the masses. This essential tool of a marketing company’s arsenal is a relatively simple and affordable way of creating a large dynamic visual image that grabs people attention.

The Projection trike can be fully customised to meet your advertising campaign’s requirements, just drop me an email to discuss your project. The flightcase options below include a ‘projection deck’ to place your project on; a high level ‘mast’ can be provided for the projector, along with handlebars mounts for laptops ipads, etc; at cost.
Alternatively, three of the most common Projection trike packages are detailed below, ranging from a bare chassis to a ready-to-go package.

1) Bare trike with no flightcase.
This give you the flexibility of designing your own projection system to be mounted on the trike. I can fit various mount points to the trike to suit your own flightcase or projection box.

2) Trike fitted with flightcase.
A 580mm W x 700mm H x 780mm L flightcase is provided with a lift of top. The inside of the flightcase is a blank canvas to allow you to design your own compartments, wiring and electrical layout.

3) ‘Plug & Go’.
This option provides you with every thing you need to project your film except from the projector and IT system. A 500w inverter is coupled to a 12v battery bank and charger to provide a number of hours of show-time!


The standard projection deck is 800x600mm to provide plenty space for projection equipment. Four stabliser legs are fitted to each corner to keep the deck steady during projections. The standard ‘steady legs’ are fitted with non-marking plastic feet for indoor & outdoor use on hard surfaces. If you are intending to use the trike on soft surface such as grass or sand I can fit low ground pressure pads on these legs to prevent them from sinking into the ground. These low pressure pads are ideal when doing beach marketing or night time film showing in parks.


These projector bikes are manufactured by myself but I do not hire or rent them out.
If you do need to hire a projection trike for your project I recommend Urban Projections Ltd who use one of these trike themselves and can provide you with just the trike or they can create your whole multimedia masterpiece.

20” front wheels

26” rear wheel

Front vee  brakes

Rear vee brakes

18 gears Shimano gears

Twist grip gear shifters

Four drop-down adjustable stabiliser legs

800mm x 600mm (length x width) projection deck

205cm overall length

83cm overall width

110cm overall height

Carbon steel frame with marine specification powdercoat finish

Weight ~ 40kg