Trash Trike (Wheelie Bin)


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  • Wheelie bin




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The Trash trike was designed to be a quick and easy method of transporting wheeled rubbish bins. These useful bins are not only handy for domestic waste, they are great for community litter picks and new bins make great containers for transporting tools and equipment.

The wheelie bin is simply attached by tilting the bin forward to hook it on the front of the trike. The bin is then tilted backwards and securely clamped into position. When aboard, the wheelie bin is positioned near the centre of the trike’s front section to reduce the trike tipping when loaded. During loading, two small jockey wheels can be lowered to keep the trike steady as the bin pivots on the front of the trike. These jockey wheels are also useful to stabilise the trike when it is left unattended

The Trash trike carries a standard 240 litre ‘wheelie’ bin or the slimline 140 litre version. Two tool holders are provided either side which are great for storing a broom and shovel. A cargo box is fitted in the void behind the bin. This can be used for storing bin bags, tools, coats and your lunch! The trike can be also be supplied with a new wheelie bin.

Custom frame colours and company branding for the bike and bin are also available.

Please note: There are a variety of wheelie bin designs available. To ensure that your bin fits this trike it is advisable to have a bin supplied with your trike or make your bin available so I can make the bin attachment to suit.

  • 20” front wheels
  • 26” rear wheel
  • Front vee brakes
  • Rear vee brakes
  • 18 gears Shimano gears
  • Twist grip gear shifters
  • Capacity to carry a 140 litre or 240 litre wheelie bin
  • 205cm overall length
  • 83cm overall width
  • 110cm overall height
  • Carbon steel frame with marine specification powdercoat finish
  • Weight ~ 45kg